Specialists in Exploration Astronomy - Solar System - Milky Way Galaxy

Welcome to Astro Explore, promoting and serving peaceful human endeavours in our Solar System and Milky Way Galaxy.

Our work

outreach • education and training • research • risk and opportunity assessment • business and industry support

Our interests

  • Understanding our proximate space environment and the implications for space travel and human existence
  • Further exploring and doing things in the Solar System to advance our space-related capabilities
  • Finding other stellar systems with Earth-like planets
  • Understanding the properties and habitability of planets and moons
  • The search for extraterrestrial life and intelligence
  • Deep space navigation and space travel
  • Sustainable cohabitation for all life on Earth and stewardship of the planet
  • Exploration astronomy is an aspect of astronomy that seeks to enable and support human travel and existence beyond planet Earth and to help sustain life on Earth in the meantime.

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    Astro Explore

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